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Such an entertaining little game! I eagerly await what you come out with next! :D

I love the art style and the wonderful story and commentary that come along with this game, I really want to come back and visit it again once I Git Gud, keep up the great work!  

Silly retro styled black and, white secret agent game?! yeah it's pretty decent!

Found this game to be hilarious! I loved it. :D
Here's my playthrough!

This game is cool, graphic is amazing also idea of the plot is great! One thing I can't get through is password :(

Doing detective work doggy style. Heres my Quick Look for your perusal:

Awesome video! Love the MGS sequence! haha

Thanks for checking out the game!

No problem at all. Glad you enjoyed! :)

Hey there! just made a video, but i'm sorry to say that i'm not gonna continue it though, it felt very long for some reason, although the game's info says "about a half-hour", anyway enjoyed it nonetheless, the art style, i really like pixel art style, the music, not my type but liked the beat, noir, liked that effect.It's pretty good.

Without further ado, my video :

Hope you enjoy it!

Also there's that 007 reference tho!

Thanks so much for checking out the game and taking the time to make a Let's Play video for it! Glad that you liked the aesthetic and overall atmosphere of it!

What a great concept for a game. I love stealth games, and dogs, and sunglasses.
Though it's frustrating to be spotted by an enemy immediately after 'fighting' them. I just finished convincing them!

I second this! I can never seem to run away quick enough before another fight scene occurs, making me die very often. I haven't been able to finish the game.

Thanks for feedback! It seemed like most players have been struggling to escape after Convincing enemies so I decided to increase the amount of time given to escape after "battles" and also reduced the enemies' detection range, which should hopefully make it less frustrating to sneak around the apartment. These changes are included in Version 1.2, which I just uploaded!

The controls are apparently broken - I am constantly moving up and cannot turn right or head down. The up and right arrow keys do nothing, and pressing down merely turns me left. This game is impossible to actually PLAY until this is fixed.

Sorry to hear that you've been experiencing problems with the controls!

I haven't encountered the issue you described in my play-testing, nor have I been able to intentionally recreate it for debugging purposes. However, I did find a similar error I previously missed in which B0rk's scripted movements in some of the cutscenes could be altered if the arrow keys were pressed at the same time. This sometimes resulted in the player getting stuck in impassable areas with their movement restricted. It's possible that this error was what caused the issue you experienced.

An new version of the game has been uploaded that fixes this problem. If you or any other players continue to experience issues with the controls, please let me know!